Imagine a night out in darkness. Not a single person with you? No worry. One LED pocket flashlight will light up the dark road ahead. Want to read at night without disturbing others? A USB lamp may be your best choice. And in other situations, such as party, outside camping, night photographing, romantic night with your loved ones, Zapals can provide a collection of LED Lights to meet your different needs for illumination.




Quite convenient and practical. Just connect it to your power bank, laptop, computer, or any other devices with USB port and enjoy the brightness. Whether you want to read or see clearly the keyboard in darkness, it can perfectly meet your needs. Easy to carry and take out. Ideal for home use and outdoor activity. Zapals USB led lights are available in various colors and designs, from bendable usb lamps, lights with magnifier, mini usb bulbs to touch sensor ones. All are energy saving and up to 80% OFF.


LED Light With Bluetooth Speaker


Combining lights and music, it adds good mood to you. Just imagine, you sit on your bed or sofa and listen to your favorite music while the LED shines. How cozy it will be!


Motion Sensor LED Light


Just like its literal meaning, a motion sensor light will light up automatically when motion is detected. Ideal for your corridors, front door, cloak room, warehouse, garages, security area, etc. A motion sensor LED light will make your life more convenient, safe and bright.


LED Flashlight Torch


A great tool for home maintenance and outdoor activities, such as camping, cycling and mountain climbing. It can also be used for anti-riot, self-defense and hunting. Go and buy one for your family. Believe me, it's never too late to prepare several flashlight torches in your house.


Rotating Projection Lamp With LED Color


Want to have a glittering and romantic night with your special one? Our Rotating projection lamp is your best choice. It can give off gorgeous shining lights and create a happy atmosphere. Besides, it's also a great decoration for house, bar, dance hall, KTV and party. Other popular decorative glittering products at Zapals include 16 Colors Magic Light, Magic Plasmas Ball, LED Flashing Color Cup, USB LED Blowing Table Lamp, etc.


LED Smartphone Flashlight


Taking photos at night is no longer an issue any more! This mini flashlight serves as a photography light support or a photo lighting equipment. It has16 built-in highlighting LEDs and can be connected to smart phones, tablet PC of IOS and Android. Marvelous and multi-functional!


Okay, just go ahead and find the right one you need.