Today, individuals can't live without smartphones, and all need power. Then Portable Power Banks came into being. They energize your cell phones or tablets back to life.

If you search online, there are countless Power Banks out there. It seems confusing, right? In fact, it's not so difficult to pick one if you take our advice.


1. Capacity

Capacity- Bigger is always better. Is it true? I deem it depends on your usage.

If your phone battery is 2100mAh, a 3000mAh power bank can fully charge your phone 1 time. If you want a Powerbank to charge your gadget several times, a Bank with much higher capacity is your option.

Commonly, the higher capacity, the heavier a power bank is. So your usage determines your choice. Of course, there also exist relatively light Power Banks with similar big capacity.

2. Number of output ports

If you have two devices or more, it's better to choose a Power Bank with multiple output ports. This lets you charge more than one device simultaneously, saving your time.

3. Safety

Short circuit protection. Automatically protect your device when short circuit occurs.
Overcharge protection. As we know, overcharge is bound to shorten the lifespan of the bank. So it's necessary to spontaneously cut power when the battery is fully charged.

4. Added features

Most Power Banks come with a series of LEDs used to tell you the exact power remaining. That ensures you'll recharge your power bank in time.
A built-in LED flashlight is another common feature. It's particularly useful on camping trips.
Also one built-in cable is much appreciated. No need to worry about forgetting to bring a charging cable.

The perfect Power Bank should balance capacity with portability, multiple outputs and additional features. Grab one in terms of your personal tastes!