With the right accessories, your SJCAM SJ4000 will get stronger. Since the SJ4000 Action Camera emerged in the world, there have been tons of add-ons for it. Out of them all, we carefully select a few premium ones to share with you.

We'll update this list once we notice new SJ4000 add-ons that allow us to do more.

1. Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks, undoubtedly, are taking over the world! As it sounds, Selfie stick or monopod is a stick to which you can attach your camera or smartphone. With a monopod, no need to ask someone around to take photos of you!

There are diverse types of monopods, but it just comes with 3 models:

Basic selfie stick without triggers.

Wired selfie stick.

Bluetooth selfie stick.

2. Floating Hand Grip

The floating hand grip is a 2-in-1 tool which affixes to the mounting hole of the SJ4000. It's not only grip for steadiness, but also a floating gadget. If you plan to swim, surf or dive, this bobber is an ideal companion for your camera.

3. Chest Harness

This chest harness sets your SJ4000 camera right on your chest, allowing you to focus on extreme sports while shooting. If you're looking for an unusual way to record your world, this chest strap mount offer it to you.

4. Head Strap

Quite possibly the most prevalent mount, head strap is worn directly on your head. Sure, it's fully adjustable for perfect fit. It's great for use while climbing or diving.

5. Car Mount

Mount the SJ4000 onto the vehicle, and shoot the immerse footage while driving. The suction cup car mount is not included in the original packaging, and thus has to be bought separately.

6. Handlebar Mount

The suction cup mount works great for the vehicle, while the handlebar mount is designed for the bicycle. It's quite easy to set up, and excellent at capturing low angle shots. If you're dying to take all your high-action cycling shots, this bike mount is for you.

7. Tripod Adapter

This Tripod Adapter Mount enables you to mount your SJ4000 on a standard photographic tripod. Made from high impact ABS and stainless steel, the tripod adapter is quite durable and reliable.

8. Jaws Flex Clamp

The Jaws Flex Clamp is my favorite attachment. The Jaws easily clamps your tiny SJ4000 to diverse slim objects. The flexible Gooseneck offers a wide range of unique perspectives to shoot photos and video.

9. Power Bank

It can't be more annoying that you desire to capture the once-in-a-life shot, but with the battery running out. Thus it's absolutely necessary to take a power bank with you. Various capacities, sizes and colors available here.

10. Carrying Case

The last SJ4000 accessory I want to mention is the camera carrying case. It's a must to storage the camera itself, head strap and so more. In short, keep everything organized.

What else accessories would you like to add to this list?