Paid dues but no time to the gym? Considering about cancelling membership and exercising at home? You are not alone! A growing number of individuals prefer to work out at home. Thus, home exercise equipments become prevalent.

Out of a sea of workout tools, here are the 5 top-rated fitness items. Find the right exercise equipment according to your personal needs!

1 Ab Roller

This 2-wheel ab roller helps strengthen and tone your upper body as you wish. It targets your abs, shoulders, arms and back. It comes with 2 wheels for extra steadiness and ABS grips for comfort.

2 Power Twister Bar

The Power Twister Bar allows you to build chest, shoulder, forarm, bricep, tricep and wrists muscle. Twist gradually and hold about 10 seconds each bending. Various degrees of tension in the spring are available.

3 Door Gym Trainer

This multi-gym Workout Bar instantly attaches to or removes from your door frame, without extra tool or damage to the frame. The heavy duty steel construction supports up to 300 pounds. You can use this upper body trainer for almost anything, including pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and dips.

4 Dumbbells

This pair of Dumbbells is a great addition to any walking or light aerobic exercise. Each of them weighs 2 pounds, which effectively tones and tightens shoulder, chest muscles and more. Walking with weights also help burn off calories. These weights are covered with soft, cushioned foam coating, so they are easy to grip even with sweaty hands.

5 Balance Ball

Made from anti-burst material, this Stability Ball is used for a total-body workout. The nubbed surface offers a gentle massage as you exercise. This Fitness Ball is especially beneficial to condition core muscles, release pain and improve flexibility.