Zhiyun Crane V2

Capturing smooth footage while travelling can be challenging, with the Zhiyun Crane v2-3 Axis Brushless Handheld Gimble Stabilizer you’re able to capture footage with phenomenal shooting angles and impressive stability.


Drones have quickly taken over the photography world as the must have equipment, while some models can be heavy and difficult to transport around the Parrot Mini Mambo Drone is easily packed away into a protective case that can be transported around with minimal effort.

Upgraded Motor

The Zhiyun Crane features an upgraded motor that enables the gimble to perform with enhanced efficiency to provide you with a unique experience while shooting.

Wireless Mode

A built-in wireless mode enables the Handheld gimble to connect to the Zhiyun remote controller or smartphone app to provide you with remote control.

Wide Connect ability

With a wide connect ability, the Zhiyun Crane can connect to devices such as Sony a7 series, Panasonic LUMIX series, Cannon M series and the Nikon J series. Effectively decrease the negative impact caused by a shaky hand or sudden jolts with the high precision image stabilization.

OLED Display

The Zhiyun Crane has been designed with a large OLED Display Screen, enabling users to quickly and easily monitor settings and the footage being recorded. With an improved 3600mAh battery, the Zhiyun Crane is able to have an extended use time of up to 12 hours of continuous use.

Quick Control

Controlling the Zhiyun Crane with one hand is now possible because of the quick control dial feature, this feature enables you to adjust the parameter setting on the stabilizer with one hand without having the stop filming.


Videography requires you to quickly change cameras to ensure you are able to capture footage with the correct camera, with the quick release plate on the Zhiyun Crane will enable you to quickly switch your camera between the stabilizer and the tripod.

The Zhiyun Crane v2-3 Axis Brushless Handheld Gimble Stabilizer is the ideal equipment for a range of amateur and professional users.