eken h9r action camera

Portable Bluetooth speakers will generally have a boring shape and poor sound quality, leaving you disappointed. The new NS M2 Burj Al Arab Styled HiFi Bluetooth Speaker with Mic & LED Support microSD will be the focal point of the room because of its unique designed shape and impressive sounding speakers.


The NS M2 Burj Al Arab Styled HiFi Bluetooth Speaker with Mic & LED Support microSD has an extended Bluetooth transmission range of up to 10 meters, allowing you to enjoy yourself without having to be glued to the speaker. The LED light in the NS M2 adds to the appeal of the speaker and can create an improved experience.

Integral Microphone

With an integral microphone you are able to relax and answer incoming calls through the NS M2 Burj Speaker. The built-in HiFi speakers will bring listeners bright treble, alto mellow and deep bass music.

finger sensitive

The finger sensitive touch button enables users to easily control the volume and switch songs without the unsatisfying button sound ruining the music. Portable speakers tend to have a low battery life, however the NS M2 Burj Speaker has an extended battery life of up to hours after a full charge.


The NS M2 Speaker can easily switch from listening to music from your connected device to FM radio. The speaker can support both AUX cords and microSD cards for an improved listening experience.


Having a camera that can with stand extreme uses such as outdoor activities, sports, riding bicycles, driving and kayaking is majorly beneficial, it will take away all of the unnecessary doubts of the camera potentially breaking.

The upgraded and advanced features of the NS M2 Speaker enable it to be the ideal portable speaker to create an improved music listening experience.