Unique Sound Kingston HYPERX Cloud Gaming Headset

Tired of using headphones that don’t allow you to experience studio quality audio? Want something that will give you impressive sounds and incredible bass? The new Kingston HYPERX headset is equipped with state of the art technology to bring you a unique sound experience.

53mm drivers

The high performing 53mm drivers in the Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core Headphones will deliver impressive sound quality to ensure users have an improved listening experience. The detachable microphone on the HYPERX headset will allow for you to pick up incoming calls or communicate with others while gaming.

Ultimate Comfort

With the design of the Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core Headset being designed for ultimate comfort while gaming, the headsets ear cushions have been designed with memory foam and leather material to ensure users have extreme comfort for daily wear.


Immerse yourself into the world of music or games with the closed ear cup design of the earmuffs on the Kingston HYPERX. This design will enable the headset to isolate all exterior sounds for a complete noise cancellation experience.

Noise Cancelling

The Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core Headset Noise Cancelling Headphones have complete universal compatibility, this allows you to connect to devices such as PC’s, Notebooks, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Airplane Adapters and PS4 consoles.

The Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core Headset Noise Cancelling Headphones is the ideal headset for gamers and music enthusiasts because of its dynamic design and advanced features..