Use Visuo Drone to Capture your Memories

Capture memories from a whole new perspective with the advanced features on the VISUO XS809HW Mini Foldable Drone. The VISUO XS809HW Drone has been described as the Drone that’s full of surprises, it’ll turn the sky into its own adventurous playground while performing its acrobatic tricks.


Drones have quickly taken over the photography industry as the must have equipment, while some models can be heavy to transport around the VISUO XS809HW Drone is easily packed away into a protective case that can be transported around with minimal effort.


Capture high quality footage with the Active Track feature, the VISUO XS809HW Drone records a range of different perspectives and motions such as the Trace Mode and Profile mode. The Trace mode allows the drone to follow or circle an object as it moves through the air. The Profile mode enables you to fly alongside the object while keeping the spotlight locked on the subject.

Failsafe Flight Mode

With the Failsafe Flight mode, you can precisely fly the VISUO XS809HW Drone indoors and outdoors without having to worry running into objects, the drone will hover at the same height above the ground for an uncompromised flight.

Cutting Edge

The VISUO XS809HW Drone cutting edge features enables you to capture memories from a whole new perspective.

Hover Range

Using the Flight Autonomy mode on the VISUO XS809HW Drone, you are able to hover accurately in a range of different environmental situations and land in almost the exact spot to which the mini drone took off from. This mode also enables the VISUO XS809HW Drone to detect obstacles as far as 15 meters away.

The Inverted Quadcopter Drone cutting edge features enable you to capture memories from a whole new perspective.