There is a famous poem written by William Ross Wallace, titled "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World". It chats the praises of deep influence of mothers on nurturing her children and in turn, the nation. In fact, mothers always do lots of things to express their love for family, one of which is their excellent homemaking. A secure, warm and creative home is essential to the well-being and happiness of one family. Want to make your home glow with love and creativity? Please head for HOME Zone at to find what you want. Here are several products recommended to you.


Make Your Home Secure


Dictionary Book Safe: A perfect hiding place for your valuables. It looks like a dictionary and allows you to hide essentials inside common household appliance - one of the last places a thief would think to look for. Made from strong metal, it is durable and has enough space for your treasure.


Wireless Remote Control Doorbell: Doorbell rings, but not sure who is there or inconvenient to open door at once? No worries! Wireless remote control doorbell is the best for you. It provides an extra security and convenience for you and your family. When visitor presses the button on the door unit, the room unit rings. Then host picks the handset up and talks with visitor. Upon confirming visitor identity, the host just press the door release button on room unit to open door. Quite convenient and secure, isn't it ?


Wireless Security Camera: Worry about home security when you're out? You can use the wireless security IP Camera, and view remotely from your smart phone or tablet anywhere and anytime. Quite suitable for your home and without annoying setting procedures.


Make Your Home Creative


USB Desk Fan: Summer is finally here! Too hot to concentrate on your work in front of PC or other things needed to be done at the table? Our mini desktop USB fan is ideal for you. It delivers a strong and steady stream of cool air to create a more comfortable living and working environment. Three modes of wind can be switched freely to meet your different cooling needs.


Home Ladder: A must-have home tool. We have various ladders including telescoping ladders for home repairs in different heights, 2-step ladders that can be carried easily from room to room, platform folding ladders for washing cars or cleaning windows, etc. Just pick up the right one for you.


Portable Air Humidifier with Nightlight: Increasing clean air, easing dry eyes and radiation, creating the active oxygen are all that an air humidifier can do for you. Portable and lovely design, quite suitable for your bedroom.


Bluetooth Shower Speaker: Wow!!! A great bonus for your bath room! Just feel free to listen to your favorite music or have your phone conversation in the shower! An incredible and intoxicating must-have for your bath room.


Lifestyle Clock: An indispensable art element. Zapals clocks are fashionable, creative and functional. There you will find wall clocks with 12 spring rays of red heart, wrought iron doll style table clock, stylish love shape clock, flying alarm clock...All will add some pizzazz to your home.


Of course, there are more creative home and lifestyle products at waiting for you. Just go and find ones you LOVE!