xiaomi sports headphone

Ready to run that extra mile but your earphones are continuously falling out? Xiaomi Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Headphones allow you to push further with the comfortable design.


The structural copper wiring and PET ultra-diaphragm of the Xiaomi Sports Headphones will ensure you are experiencing an incredible music streaming. Adopting an advanced CSR8645 chip the Xiaomi Headphones support Multiple Bluetooth connection simultaneously.


The design of the Xiaomi Sports Headphones has been designed with an ultra-lightweight and TPU material for comfortable wear while still providing stability with the behind-the-ear design and comfortable ear tip. The only reminder you’ll have to remind you you’re wearing them is the superior sounds of your favourite playlist playing in your ears.


The Xiaomi Sports Headphones have up to eight hours of listening time from one single charge. Subtle voice alerts you to know how much listening time you have left. A sweatproof and water design allows you to carry on with your busy lifestyle without the worry of short circuiting your earphones while exercising.


The Xiaomi Headphones come with a total of 5 silicone earmuff earbud pairs to satisfy all your of your different auditory experiences.

Remote Control

You are able to remotely control your music play or answering calls freely with the Xiaomi Bluetooth sport earbuds, the earphones adopt a separate microphone and volume control button design to easily switch between calls and music.

The Xiaomi Sports Headphones are the perfect set of earphones for fitness enthusiasts because of its lightweight, wireless and sweatproof design. .