"Without music, life would be a mistake", says Friedrich Nietzsche.

For parents, cultivating a love for music in your kids is one of the best things you can do for them. Whether you are musical or not, it doesn't really matter. The POINT is to get your kids exposed to music and music instruments as early as possible. Studies show that music is benificial to increasing kids' IQ, developing their social and emotional skills, and opening up a whole new world full of creativity and joys. Here are several Zapals Musical Instrument Toys recommended to your kids.


Black and White Piano Keys - Millions of colors in kids' mind


As what Jarod said, what has keys but can't listen to the beauty it unlocks? A piano. Zapals provides Piano Gloves with musical fingertips and roll-up electronic keyboard piano.


Want to turn any surface into a piano? While, Electronic Piano Gloves with musical fingers is a good choice. This piano gloves can provide an amusing and exciting way for your kids to learn fundamental toots of music. The tip of each finger represents a different note. Music will play when kids touch.


Play anytime, and anywhere with this roll-up electronic keyboard piano. Simple operation, high cost-effectiveness and roll-up design, this piano is integrated into three functions, namely MP3 player, repeater and learning machine, and is the perfect combination of music, education and entertainment. Your kids will love it.


Create kids' own rock and roll music style- Electronic Roll-up Drum Kit


Roll-up drum, definitely, a great musical instrument for kids. Simply plug it into your PC with USB cable and your kids can play like a pro. Lightweight and portable, you can bring it everywhere. Suitable for amusement, learning, practice, performance and music edit.


Kids Toy Guitar


If your kids have a great passion for music, then learning to play guitar is a skill benefiting them throughout their life. Zapals provides a collection of kids guitars in various colors and shapes. The included headset microphone will make your kids play guitar while singing. Shock-proof, crash-proof and convenient to carry.



Violin - Queen of instruments


A simulation toy violin to inspire your kids' interest in music. It features 4-string, one the strings are stirred with fingers, the violin will emit different melodies. It can also play 8 different songs if the "continuous play" button is pressed. Ideal for kids aged above 4.