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Action Camera Buying Guide

Action cameras are a recent trend that shows no indication of slowing down. For those that are unfamiliar, action cameras are digital cameras that are designed for hands-free filming. There is the perception that action cameras are strictly for recording outdoor sports, however this isn’t necessarily the case. Whilst action cameras are a fantastic way to record fast paced events whilst being immersed in the activity, it can also be used for a wide range of other moments too.

What You Need to Buy?

The small, compact size of an action camera makes it the perfect holiday companion. A smartphone can take high quality images, however, it does not have the battery life for recording all your adventures. Bring it along on the plane, to the beach, around the city. If you are looking for an action camera that doesn’t need to be outdoor-proof the 720 Degree VR Panoramic camera offers built in Wi-Fi and it supported by both Apple and Android applications. This device captures a 720° wide view with a F2.0 aperture, delivering and bright and clear image. Whilst the device is suitable for outdoor use, it is not waterproof, weatherproof or dustproof.

For those looking for an action camera that is suitable with an outdoor sport or extreme sport lifestyle, it is important to check the features that are offered by the camera to ensure that it is suitable for its intended purpose. Zapals has a selection of action cameras that are ideal for a range of weather and environmental conditions. The Tekcam 9000W 4K Waterproof Sport is an ideal action camera for capturing fast paced movements such as outdoor sports in high resolution. The device offers a 4k shooting function to ensure clear and vivid images whilst being up to 30m waterproof for exceptional underwater video and images.

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Lighting and Studio Accessories Buying Guide

There are moments when you absolutely need to take a photo, whether it’s for work, school or a personal project but the lighting is not working in your favour. Whilst it seems like common sense to just use natural lighting or sunlight to capture your image, this is not necessarily the best course of action. This is because natural lighting cannot be controlled, at any given time of day it can change at any moment and even the light is constant it may be too bright or not bright enough.

What You Need to Buy?

The best way to capture the perfect image with the right lighting is to set up a mini studio in your home. This studio can be as basic or advanced as you require but establishing a makeshift studio in your home can elevate your photography and ensure that you have the right lighting at any time of the day. You don’t need to dedicate an entire room for this studio; it can just be a small corner with no sunlight.

The first item you will need is a shooting table or shooting background, this provides a clean and crisp background for your subject, however, if there is a specific background or space you wish to capture you can use that instead. The most basic lighting configuration that can work for almost any situation is using a main light, a fill light, a background light and a hair light. Manipulating the positioning of these different light sources can create a range of moods or tones without needing to purchase new equipment. If you find that your subject requires more lighting or lighting from a different angle, an affordable solution is a photography reflector. Rather than purchasing a new light, simply use this reflector to bounce existing light to a different area.

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Home Surveillance Camera Buying Guide

Protecting your home is a number one priority and whilst an alarm system can deter intruders and alert intrusion this isn’t always enough. This is because once an intruder is in your home and the alarm has sounded, they may leave but may not necessarily be caught. There is nothing worse than knowing that a person who has broken into your home may attempt it on others. This why home surveillance is becoming increasingly popular. Home surveillance cameras are a way to monitor and record your home so not only will your alarm deter intruders but it can also record them.

What You Need to Buy?

Surveillance cameras can be as discreet or visible as you want and can perform both basic and advanced functions. There is a camera for every need and every home, whether you are looking to secure externally or internally. For those that intend on simply deterring intruders, there is the option of purchasing simulation monitor cameras. These devices mimic the movement, features and shape of a surveillance camera, however, they provide no further security than deterrence. The camera does not have the ability to record or capture images.

When thinking of home surveillance, the external house is the first thought. Outdoor surveillance cameras are specialised because they must be waterproof and weatherproof as they are permanently outdoors. The Vimtag B1 Mini Waterproof Cloud is not only waterproof but also easily concealed due to its small size. This device also offers night vision and is supported by a smart phone application, allowing you to live stream your surveillance camera from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

If there is a particular section inside your home that you wish to protect, indoor surveillance cameras are available that offer 720P high resolution, viewing from multiple devices through an application and two way communication at the touch of a button.

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