Colaier C40 4-Slot Intelligent Li-ion Battery Charger

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Charge battery with convenience and safety.

Colaier C40 battery charger can charge most cylinder Li-ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH batteries and more. Four independent charging channel design is more convenient to charge different batteries. Multi protections ensures charging safety.


  • Micro-USB DC 5V input, four independent charging and micro computer management system.
  • Four charging current mode (500mAh/700mAhn/1000mAh/2000mAh), 2000mAh current mode is fixed only on the fourth slot.
  • The LED indicators display the charging progress: 25% - 50% - 75% -100% and battery type (size): Ni-MH 1.2V , Li-Fe 3.2V, Li-ion 3.7V, Li-ion 3.85V.
  • Identify Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries automatically and adjust manually the charging mode for LiFePO4 and 3.85V Lli-ion batteries.
  • Refresh for OV battery. It don’t charge any battery of1.65 -1.85V (refresh current can be detected only).
  • Protection for over-charge and over-discharge and short circuit. Identify broken battery and polar reverse inspection.
  • Charging under constant voltage and current.
  • Input by DC interface and working voltage is 5V-2A (Micro plug).
  • Built with 5V/1000mAh USB discharge (output) function.
  • Buttons: While electricity is connected
    1) Press the button to change the battery type, it will start to charge 5 seconds after setting the battery type (3.2V or 3.85V), 1.2V Ni-MH and 3.7V li-ion ca be detected automatically, so it need set for only 3.2V and 3.8V batteries
    2) Change the charging current amount 4 current at any time during charging by long press the button.
  • LED: While connect it to 5V input, all LED light up immediately
    1) If no battery is put in, 500mAh LED keeps on and others will go out
    2) When battery is detected in, 4 LED lights on AND 3.7V LED keep flicker to indicate to set the battery type, if no operation, it begin to charge 5 seconds later automatically under detection, four LED lights will display the charging status
    3) Tap the button can show the battery type for 5 seconds
    4) No electricity is connected, insert a battery can quick shows the remaining battery volume.
  • USB output indicator: When USB discharging port detected, indicator of battery volume will light up for 10 seconds and go out, press button to light up again.
  • LED displaying graphic reference.
  • Cautions

  • The charger can charge cylinder Li-ion batteries (3.7V and 3.8V), Ni-MH/Cd, ferric phosphate lithium cell(LiFePO4).
  • Read this manual before use and pay special attention to the recommended charge current, must avoid to charge battery beyond the recommended current limit.
  • 5V USB adapter (adaptor current 2A) is recommended.
  • Cation heating while charging.
  • Remove the charger from power source after charging complete, and remove the battery from the charger at the same time.
  • For indoor use only.
  • The displaying data for reference and refer to professional instrument for more accurate data.
  • Specifications

    Brand Colaier
    Model C40
    Input Micro-USB DC 5V/2A
    Output 1.42V, 4.2V±0.05V, 3.65±0.05V, 4.35±0.05V
    Current 2000mA*1, 1000mA*2, 700mA*3, 500mA*4
    Constant Voltage, Cut-off Current Less than 100mAh
    Standby Current Less than 15mAh
    USB Output function Open-Circuit Voltage of USB Output: 4.9-5.3V; and the 4th slot is fixed for the USB discharge power source, Output current: 1000mAh, Open circuit current: <1mAh, Corresponding Voltage: 4.75-5.25V under 1000mAh current
    Cut-off Voltage for Discharge Protection 3.0±0.1V
    Compatibility Li-ion/IMR: 18650/18490/18350/17670/17500/16340(RCR123), 14500/10440
    Please note Can't charge battery type of 1.6 - 2.2V
    Batteries are not included.
    Product Weight 150g
    Product Size 11.2 x 9 x 3 cm
    Package Contents 1 x Colaier C40 Battery Charger, 1 x Micro-USB Cable, 1 x User Manual
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