Laptops Buying Guide

Laptops have become a staple to everyday life, whether it is for personal or business use, a high quality laptop is one of the ultimate necessities of modern life. Although laptops are considered a necessity, this does not mean that you cannot find an affordable laptop that complements your lifestyle. Zapals has a selection of laptops that offer different features and specs in order to suit any individual.

What You Need to Buy?

One of the most popular features for a laptop is long battery life. This is because laptops were designed to be portable but carrying around a laptop charger hinders this portability and causes even more inconvenience. People that have busy lifestyles or mostly use their laptops away from a power source would benefit the most from a laptop with long battery life. Zapals offers laptops that specialise in long battery life to suit busy individuals, the PiPO Students Laptop not only features this superior battery life but it also compact with a 14in screen and lightweight.

Sometimes a laptop just isn’t enough and that is when a notebook and tablet hybrid is needed. Whilst laptops offer a range of features that allow most digital tasks to be completed, it just sometimes isn’t enough. Carrying both a laptop and tablet is not only inconvenient but also expensive. Investing in a device that converts between both a laptop and a tablet is perfect for individuals who require the features of both. The Vido Transformed Notebook is lightweight and compact at 11in but the small screen does not compromise on quality as it feature 1920x1080 resolution for a clear and crisp image. Simply flip the screen and the laptop transforms into a touch screen tablet that supports HD graphics and online games.

For those looking for less specific features and simply require a laptop that has at least 64GB memory and new generation processors, Zapals also has the laptop for you.


Tablets Buying Guide

There are many instances in day-to-day life when a smartphone does not offer enough features but a laptop offers too many. This is when tablets are best suited. For those on the go who require the simple functions of a laptop such as note-taking capabilities but also require the camera, audio media and applications supported by smartphones. One of the most appealing things about a tablet is the small, portable size and its weight. Whilst laptops are getting smaller, tablets are still one the most user-friendly portable devices available.

What You Need to Buy?

For customers who are looking for tablets that are specifically lightweight and compact, Zapals has a selection that offers tablets as small as 7in. The Onda Calling Tablet is a compact device that enables phone calls, android applications and dual core processing. Another slightly larger option for customers searching for a small, portable device but requires different specifications is the CHUWI Hi8 Pro which offers an 8in screen. Despite the smaller screen, image quality is not compromised as the device offers 1920x1200 resolution. Not only is the tablet compact and high resolution but it also features quad core processing, ensuring that is has the speed and responsiveness of a laptop but with android application capabilities.

Sometimes you just need a tablet that does more. Whether it’s for work or professional use, a flexible device can provide the benefits of a smartphone, tablet and laptop in one singular device. The Lenovo Yoga Book is a compact 10in device that doubles as a tablet and laptop. The device can be used as a tablet feature allows use for a stylus to draw and write in a style reminiscent of pen-to-paper that can save as documents. For those who prefer to type, simply enable the type mode and use the device as a laptop. The device only weighs 690g and offers Intel Atom processing for a fast and efficient use experience.

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Computer Accessories Buying Guide

Laptops, tablets and computers are devices that are universally used and needed, however, these devices often require additional accessories to ensure that they function to the best of their ability. Accessories also allow devices to be tailored to your needs and lifestyle to develop a user-friendlier device. Zapals offers a range of laptop, tablet and computer accessories so you can complete your shopping in one place.

What You Need to Buy?

Laptops and tablets are popular devices as they are convenient and portable, however, this portability sacrifices features that allow more user convenience such as a full size keyboard. For customers who need to update their laptops to better suit their needs, Zapals has a selection of wireless keyboards that are compatible with a large range of devices. Full size keyboards allow users more access to a wider range of keys to perform different tasks as well as the comfort of a larger typing space. Our wireless laptop keyboards are connected either through Bluetooth or USB but are totally wireless and cable-free.

However, laptop users are not the only ones who require keyboards. Although tablets are excellent for their touch screen capabilities, this is inconvenient for note taking. Tablet specific keyboards are the solution for individuals who are required to type on their tablet. These keyboards are wireless and are equally a compact as the tablets they are connected to, ensuring you don’t compromise on size.

Other accessories offered by Zapals include laptop and tablet cases that protect your device from damage such as drops and scratches. Whether you require minimal protection and a lightweight case or heavy protection, Zapals has the right laptop or tablet case for you.

Computer & Accessories Buying Guide

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