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A necessity to every modern home and workplace is a computer, laptop or tablet. Zapals has a large selection of laptops, tablets and PC’s to suit any individual.

Laptops and tablets have both developed to the extent to which they are able to perform faster and better than their predecessors. The continual rise of popularity and features of laptops has also lead to the increase in price.

cheap laptops

Cheap Laptop

Most popular laptop brands are extremely costly. At Zapals we provide our customers with a high quality yet cheap laptop selection to cater to any and all of their needs. For those on the go, a lightweight laptop with a long battery is the best choice to suit your lifestyle.

cheap tablets


Another option for customers who wish to have the benefits of a laptop, without all the spec and features can also invest in a tablet. Despite most tablets being expensive, Zapals offers high quality but cheap tablets to our customers that only cost a fraction of most brands. Tablets are an excellent option for individuals that require the basic features of a laptop such as sending emails, writing messages and writing short notes, whilst saving space and minimizing the weight

laptop power adapters

Laptop Power Adapters

Zapals also offers cheap computer accessories for the products we offer such as tablet stylus pens, tablet keyboards and laptop cases and laptop chargers. We know that some customers may have purchased laptops from other brands, so we offer cheap Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air chargers and adapters. We also offer a range of PC components such as motherboards and optical drives for those simply looking for parts.