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Health Monitors Buying Guide

Monitoring your health can be difficult, especially when visiting a doctor can be both expensive and time consuming. Whilst it is always important to seek assistance from a medical professional when you are unwell, there are ways to monitor your health from home to keep your health stable and your doctor visits less frequent.

What You Need to Buy?

When it comes to health prevention is the best course of action. Certain health concerns can be prevented through regular exercise and an improved diet. Browse our selection of fitness bands in order to get your active lifestyle started. For those who are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle and are starting out, a fitness band that monitors footsteps and heart rate is an excellent way to become more aware of your activity levels. However, for customers that are searching for a more in-depth analysis of their overall lifestyle levels, invest in a fitness band that can monitor sleep, heart rate, calories burned throughout the day and during exercise.

A fitness band is not the only way to monitor health and wellness. Body fat percentage is also indicative of overall health and wellness and a high body fat percentage can lead to long-term health issues in some individuals. If you are concerned that your body fat may be reaching or has already reached unhealthy levels, simply invest in a digital body fat monitor. These monitors can be used to kick-start or assist the pursuit of an overall healthier lifestyle. Simply monitor your body fat percentage as one way to better understand your personal health and fitness levels.

For individuals that have more specific health concerns, Zapals has a selection of blood pressure monitors, physiotherapy massagers and pillboxes.

Hair Care

Hair Care Buying Guide

Most people have love-hate relationship with their hair, some days it just works for them and other days not so much. You can change your relationship with your hair by simply investing in the correct hair tools for your hair can not only improve how your hair styling but also your overall hair quality. It is important to remember that when using heated styling tools that a heat protectant should be used on hair beforehand. These products can be used as a spray or oil but are crucial for ensuring that hair is not damaged by heat but also holds its style and shine.

What You Need to Buy?

For hair that is prone to frizz, the easiest way to tame it is with a rounded brush and a high-speed hair dryer. Make sure you hair is washed and 80% dry before you start blow-drying to get the best results. Apply your heat protectant products on the mid-length to the ends of your hair; avoid using it at the roots because not only will this weigh your hair down. One your hair is prepped, section it into layers. Use the rounded brush to guide your hair dryer and work hair away from your roots. For smooth blow dry, do not keep the brush in the same place for too long; keep it moving through each section. Allow hair to cool and set before applying a product to hold it in place.

For hair that requires more styling, Zapals offers a selection of both curling wands and straightening irons to finish off your look. Larger curling wands will give looser, gentler curls whilst thinner curling irons will give tighter curls.

Personal Care
personal care

Personal Care Buying Guide

Personal care is more than just grooming and beautification whilst it is a big part of the process it also includes wellness. So anyone can benefit from a bit of personal care in their lives, whether they are looking to improve their skincare routine or just get a better night’s sleep.

What You Need to Buy?

It can be easy for men to overlook personal care, it seems as though most products in this category are targeted towards women, but this is far from the truth. Zapals has a wide range of men’s grooming tools to suit any need. For those that are always on the go or travelling, one of the best tools to purchase is a portable and rechargeable shaver. The KEMEI Men’s USB Rechargeable Shaver is not only compact enough to fit in a travel bag but is also charged through a USB port providing the ultimate combination of convenience and portability. To avoid cluttering your bathroom with different products use an electric shaver with interchangeable parts. Need a beard trimmer, nose clipper and hair clipper? There’s no need to get all three, simply add the KEMEI KM 600 Electric Kit to your cart for a product that does everything you need in one.

Personal care involves all aspects of an individual’s life, from looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside. It is no secret that a good night’s sleep is absolutely crucial for a healthy lifestyle, however, this isn’t always easy to achieve. There could be a range of issues that are preventing you from either going to sleep or staying asleep that are impacting your overall health. For those that suffer neck or back pain that’s getting in the way of their sleeping pattern, an acupressure mat can help relieve tension and pain, helping you drift to sleep.

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