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Kids Toys Buying Guide

When there are so many different options for toys out there it can be difficult to know what to choose when buying a present. Especially for those that do not have their own children and are simply purchasing a gift, it can be confusing figuring out the cut off ages for different toys and gadgets. For babies and children under 5, it is best to choose toys that have no small parts as these can present choking hazards. For babies in particular, soft plush toys and play tents are options that will be universally appreciated, as they will be used past the baby years.

2-5 years kids toy

For children aged between 2-5 years, toys that provide more creative and mental stimulation are both educational and fun as it provides an outlet for children to learn and grow. Pretend play sets include kitchen play sets, tool play sets or doctor’s play sets, ensure that you check the safety specifications before selecting a toy as a safety precaution.

6-10 years kids toy

For older children aged 6-10 years puzzle toys and building toys are the perfect gift idea. Not only are they enjoyable and challenging but they also provide mental stimulation. Puzzle toys can enrich a child’s problem solving abilities without them realising, assisting them as they grow older.

11-16 years kids toy

Older children aged between 11-16 years prefer toys that are electronic, such gadgets. Zapals has a selection of electronic toys and gadgets from remote controlled cars to flying drones. Keep in mind the age of the child when purchasing an electronic gift, if they are younger choose gadgets that are not too complicated to manoeuvre or learn to use. Otherwise you may purchase a toy that will just gather dust. Remote controlled cars and robots are perfect for children who are younger, at around 11-13 years as they are not too dangerous to use and are user friendly. Electronic toys such as drones should only be gifted to children that are responsible enough to use a gadget that can fly in the air, however, keep in mind that it may get damaged, so there is no need to make a large investment in a drone with photography quality images.

Kids Clothing
kids clothing

Kids Clothing Buying Guide

Buying clothing for children is always a race against time as they are continually growing, therefore making purchasing clothing an expensive task. Zapals offers a selection of cheap children’s clothing that will help you save money whilst your child is still growing. One easy way to ensure that your child doesn’t grow out of their clothing too quickly is to purchase clothing a size or two larger so that clothing does need to be continually disposed. This method ensures that your child will at least get a few years of wear from the clothing rather than just a few months to a single year. The only exception for this rule is buying clothes for newborns and babies. Generally it is better to choose the correct size or size that is only a few more larger in size for young babies.

What You Need to Buy?

Even though buying clothes a size larger is a great way to save money, clothes that are too big will just be uncomfortable for your child, so make sure you check sizing charts before buying clothing, especially because different brands can have large variations in sizing. Another good way to save on clothing is purchase gender-neutral clothing. This is only applicable for items of clothing that can be shared such as a neutral coloured winter jacket, raincoat or pair of gloves. Purchasing children’s clothing with gender-neutrality in mind saves you having to buy seasonal staples over and over again.

When purchasing children’s clothing, it is important to purchase materials that are durable to withstand rain and cold weather. In particular, also add one extra layere than when dressing yourself, as it easy to take a jumper when your child is warm but one less layer is harder to fix. Zapals has an excellent selection of raincoats and waterproof jackets that are suitable for both warm and dry weather to ensure your child is well protected from different environmental factors.

Kids Products Buying Guide

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