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Mens clothing

Mens Clothing Buying Guide

With the huge range available at the Zapals men’s department it can be overwhelming trying to find the clothing that you need. What makes Zapals different is our wide selection, rather than spending hours walking around stores you can find everything that you need at the click of a button. Whether you just need a new t-shirt or an entire new wardrobe, we have everything you’re looking for. If you are dressing for an event with a dress code it can sometimes be difficult, we’ve made it easy by breaking down the dress codes for you.

Mens Cocktail

Perhaps one the of the most confusing and obscure dress codes, cocktail is generally more formal attire depending on the event. Most cocktail events call for a suit and shoes, ties are optional but an excellent addition. Rather than wearing the standard black suit and white shirt option, cocktail events give you the opportunity to try something different. For those that prefer not to stray too far from traditional colour palettes charcoal grey or dark navy blue suits are a way to experiment without venturing too far from your comfort zone.

Smart Casual

Another tricky dress code is smart casual, what is the distinction between smart and casual? How smart or casual should you be dressing? Well, a definite rule is no suits and definitely no ties. However, a combination of suit pants and a buttoned shirt or a blazer with chinos is also acceptable. Clothing should look polished however; it does not call for formal clothing.

Mens Casual Clothing

One of the most universally understood dress codes is casual, what comes to mind is jean and a t-shirt and whilst this is technically acceptable, casual does not mean lazy. When dressing in casual attire for an event, ensure that you wear clothing that is the correct size and fits your body properly. Something simple such as adjusting your clothing size or tailoring the hem of your pants can instantly sharpen casual clothing such as jeans or a t-shirt.

Mens Shoes
mens shoes

Mens Shoes Buying Guide

Whilst it may seem as though shoes are simply an afterthought to clothing, this is far from the case, especially regarding dress codes. Like our clothing department, Zapals also has a wide selection of men’s shoes ranging from sports wear to dress shoes, simply browse through our site and find what you are looking for.

What You Need to Buy?

When purchasing shoes it is important to consider your lifestyle, comfort requirements and your activity levels. Zapals has an excellent selection of sports shoes no matter your activity level, fitness or sport. For those looking for a comfortable shoe that is suitable for walking but still looks polished, we offer a selection of crisp look lifestyle shoes that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

However, if you are searching for footwear that offers more support for a more demanding sport, Zapals also offers a sports shoe range. Each sport shoe offers a different type of support, so it is important to keep in mind that running shoes and hiking shoes cannot be used interchangeably as it can lead to pain or injury. If you are searching for a running shoe, look for breathable, flexible material that will allow your feet a large range of movement. Another important feature to look for is shock absorption and arch support; this will prevent joint damage from your feet landing on the ground repetitively.

For outdoor, grass sports such as football, choosing shoes that are lightweight and breathable will be in your favour. This is because it allows a range of movement and comfort that can ultimately impact performance.

Mens Accessories
mens accessories

Mens Accessories Buying Guide

It can be easy to forget about accessories when getting dressed, however something as simple as a belt can completely transform an outfit to something sharp and well put together. If you are new to accessories and don’t know where to start, we can breakdown what accessories are appropriate for any weather, occasion or outfit.


A belt should be a staple in every single wardrobe; they are a versatile and affordable item that can be worn with every single ensemble. Belts are the easiest and most affordable way to disguise ill-fitting pants that are too loose around the waist or hips. Simply wear a belt and your waistline will be immediately slimmed down. A belt is also an easy way to add brightness to a neutral wardrobe without having to purchase new clothing. A good rule to remember though is when dressing for formal events or professional work wear, belts should generally be black, tan or a slight variation of these colours. Save brightly coloured belts for parties or casual wear.


One way to elevate an outfit whilst dressing for seasonal weather is with a scarf. As the weather becomes colder, it is easy to simply find the thickest jacket and have your clothing for the season sorted. However, by simply adding a scarf to your attire, not only can you reduce one frumpy layer or clothing but you can add a bit of extra style and colour. The most versatile scarves are neutral solid colours that can be worn to both casual and formal occasions. For scarves that are more bold, patterned and colourful it is better to wear a simple ensemble to avoid your entire outfit looking mismatched and clumsy.

Mens Products Buying Guide

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