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Gone are the days when smartphones used to be optional luxury that only a few people needed, now they are considered a necessity for most individuals. Packed with more features and capabilities than most basic phones, smartphones can fulfil a large range of tasks and are developing to the point where they can almost replace tablets or laptops.

What you need to buy?

Finding a smartphone that is not only suitable for your needs but also your budget can be extremely difficult, especially since most smartphone brands charge high prices for their products. Zapals has a large selection of affordable smartphones that cater to the most simple and complex of needs.

Not everyone needs a smartphone that has the same specs and processing capabilities of a laptop. Sometimes you just need a phone to make calls and send messages but also have access to a camera, music and apps. Surprisingly, it can be hard to find a phone that doesn’t get too complicated but the ZOPO C2 Smartphone is an excellent option for customers searching for an affordable smartphone with a high 5MP resolution camera, 8GB of storage perfect of music and apps as well as quad-core CPU for a smooth running device.

On the flipside, we know that there are customers who are looking for a phone that doubles as a tablet. Whilst a smartphone can’t complete all the functions of a tablet or laptop, it can come quite close. Keep realistic expectations in mind when looking for a smartphone with these specifications and you will find a device that satisfies your requirements from both devices. One of the most popular phone/tablet hybrids is the XIAOMI Mix Smartphone Phablet. This device features a large 6.4-inch screen with edgeless display and a full ceramic body. The high-speed processing and ^GB RAM plus 256GB storage provides all the benefits of a tablet to store as many files as needed and the powerful battery keeps the phone fuelled through morning workouts, business meetings and after-work drinks.

Outdoor Phones
outdoor phones

Outdoor Phones Buying Guide

Although the idea of a smartphone is convenient, they are not suitable for all lifestyles, particularly for individuals who work outdoors or lead active lifestyles. No one wants to bring a fragile smartphone to their job as a hiking guide or construction worker where environmental and workplace factors are unpredictable. The same principle applies for individuals who have outdoor hobbies such as camping, you don’t want to bring your smartphone on your next camping trip.

What You Need to Buy?

Zapals has an excellent selection outdoor suitable phones from basic to more sophisticated models depending on your needs. For a tough phone that is weatherproof, dustproof, waterproof and shockproof the NO.1 A9 Rugged Phone is an excellent option for individuals who are in continually changing outdoor environments or unpredictable environments. This model is waterproof up to IP67 level and has a large battery capacity to last long periods of time without a charger. Another useful addition, particularly for campers is the built-in flashlight that has a range of 50 metres.

Outdoor phones don’t necessarily have to be brick-like devices that only provide basic features. The Zapals ranges of outdoor-proof phones are able to provide not only environment proof features but also the benefits of a smartphone. One of the best examples of the combination of these specifications is the NOMU S10 Rugged Smartphone, which provides both Android capabilities but also, waterproof up to IP68. This phone can repel water spill, water splashes and withstand submersion in up to 1.5 metres of water for a maximum of 30 minutes. With an 8MP camera and 16GB memory space and Andriod apps you have all the benefits of a smartphone without worrying about cracking screens or bodies of water. This because not only is the device water resistant but also 1.5m shatter-resistant with a military grade body.

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