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Motor Accessories Buying Guide

Any car owner knows that purchasing and maintaining a car can be expensive, so while you have to splurge on insurance, car registration and car maintenance, save where you can. Zapals offers a wide range of affordable car accessories so that you can personalise your car to suit your lifestyle needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a vehicle or already have one, the Zapals motor vehicle department will have something for every driver.

What you need to buy?

One of the most basic and probably most popular car accessory is the car charger. Because of how often we use our smartphones, they run out of battery fairly quickly, so having a charger on hand is the ultimate necessity. While most modern cars have USB ports for phone chargers, not every driver owns a modern car. Different adapters are needed to suit different cars. Vehicles that regularly have passengers would benefit from a two, three or even four port car charger. These devices can be plugged into one charging point in the car and you will never have to fight for the cable again!

Another popular car accessory, especially for drivers who enjoy listening to music is an AUX cord. This is the easiest way to connect your smartphone to your speakers in order to share your music. However, not all cars have AUX cord ports but this doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to your own music while driving, you just need to find the right accessory for your car. Zapals has a selection of Bluetooth receivers that can be plugged into a car port and connect to your phone. Once the phone and Bluetooth device are paired, you can listen to music or podcasts and certain devices also allow phone calls to be taken.

Car Maintenance and Improvement
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Car Maintenance and Improvement Buying Guide

Whether you have gotten into an accident or simply need to upgrade your car, you will inevitably near car parts. Though most car parts are quite expensive, there are ways to save money when fixing up your car.

What You Need to Buy?

One easy upgrade for your car is installing a reverse camera. This is particularly useful for new drivers or for individuals who struggle with manoeuvres such as reverse parking. An all-rounder model is the BLACKVIEW BL990 Night Vision Dural Lens camera not only acts as a reverse, but the view can be switched to a dash cam. This device also features motion detection functions and sensors, improving your safety and driving experience. The best part is, they don’t require a mechanic or car specialist for installation. The 1080 resolution dash cam uses the car cigarette lighter for its power supply.

Car maintenance can be just as expensive as car improvement and is something that is normally done at mechanics. However, with the selection of tools and gadgets available at Zapals some of these jobs can be done at home, saving you money. The quickest way to inspect your car when it is due for maintenance is to use a diagnostic tool. Zapals offers a selection digital diagnostic tools that can measure basic functions such as tire pressure or brake fluid. Other devices such as the XTOOL PS2 GDS Bluetooth Scan Tool can diagnose a range of functions and features such as airbags, the engine and transmission for various car makes and models. Not only is this tool useful for customers who are knowledgeable about car maintenance but it is also useful for individuals who like to keep their car in optimum condition. If there are any irregularities in the readings, a mechanic can be called to resolve the issue before it worsens.

Motor Accessories Buying Guide

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