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Office Supplies Buying Guide

Whether it is a home office or your office at work, it can be hard to keep the area tidy and organised. Sometimes it can seem like there’s a growing pile of work that needs to be done, files that need to be organised and documents to throw away. It can be difficult to know where to start, especially when everything is all over the place. The best way to get an office space organised is to invest in the right gadgets that will do some of the work for you.

What you need to buy?

One of the latest office technologies to develop recently is the 3D printer. For those who have heard of them but are not really sure what they actually are, a 3D printer is a printer that produces a 3 dimensional object from a digital file. This solid reproduction of the digital file is created through continually layering down filament to recreate a digital file. Whilst the process of 3D printing sounds quite complicated, using the devices are quite simple and accessible to almost all individuals. Zapals offers a range of 3D to suit a variety of budgets and needs. For customers that are new to 3D printers, the ANET A6 Desktop 3D Printer Kit is a great introductory model due to its compact size and easy to assemble structure. 3D printers are perfect to use for presentations, as you are able to recreate miniature models of objects such as buildings, anatomy or architectural structures.

Another device that improves productivity in the workplace is a computer projector. A projector allow your desktop screen to become visible to a large group of people, assisting meetings and presentations through providing a visual aid for your audience.

School Supplies
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School Supplies Buying Guide

When thinking of school supplies, the first items that come to mind are pen and pencils, these are the items that are most used for note taking, drawing diagrams or solving problems. However, this isn’t necessarily the case in a technology driven world, Zapals understands that schools are changing and your school supplies need to follow that same pattern. Pen and paper are not the only tools being used in classrooms. They have become much more digital and interactive, whether it’s doing classwork in a digital forum or using websites to gather information.

What You Need to Buy?

Whilst we do offer a selection of basic school supplies such as rulers and world globes we also have a range of ballpoint pens that are double as a stylus for tablets. Take notes on paper with one end of the pen and write notes on a tablet with the other end. These stylus ballpoint pens are suitable for any tablet, such as the devices offered by Zapals or touch screen surface, even smartphones. Through adapting traditional school supplies to modern technology, learning becomes more immersive and enjoyable.

For younger children that want to learn how to adapt technology to their learning, we offer a drawing tablet that functions as a digital writing board. Your children become accustomed to drawing and writing on a tablet surface, allowing them to become better equipped for a modern classroom and modern workplace.

Whilst most 3D printers are more suited for an office space rather than a studying space, Zapals offers a selection of 3D pen printers. These low temperature devices allow three-dimensional images to be created by hand – no computer needed. It is perfect for class projects where miniature size models are needed.

Office Supplies Buying Guide

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