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Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad Wireless Joypad Game Controller

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Xiaomi presented game joystick Mi game controller Bluetooth equipped with three-axis vibration sensor and realistic.
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Original Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller

Xiaomi presented game joystick Mi Bluetooth game controller equipped with three-axis vibration sensor and realistic. Joystick is equipped with Bluetooth that facilitates connection and eliminates the constant interruptions of communication. The ergonomic handle has a classic joysticks faired using modern composite materials, it is pleasant to the touch and comfortable to hold. This wireless game controller will bring you an excellent game experience. Ergonomically designed gamepad perfectly fit your hands. It can connects with any Android-based gaming device (PC Stick, TV Box, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) or PC instantly using an industry-patented technology. It is equipped with Bluetooth that facilitates connection and eliminates the constant interruptions of communication. It is pleasant to the touch and comfortable to hold.

Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad Wireless Dual Motor Vibration Game Controller

Double Motor Vibration

Ultra-realistic sense of shock and vibration. Uses first-class vibration motors, asymmetric design: the left motor load is light, the right motor loads are heavy (can be adjusted through software). With more vivid experience feedback for players in the car, extreme sports, shooting, etc. The engine with an asymmetrical motor has an adjustable vibration intensity using the software that allows the player to uchuvstvovat racing or extreme sports and have a realistic impact of vibration.

Built-in Accelerometer

Adopts top brands Bosch G-Sensor (accelerometer) with three-axle gravitational acceleration. High precision calibration for optimal gaming experience.

360 Degrees Global Positioning Rocker

High precision positioning rocker, 360 degrees full domain. Shaking accuracy reached up to 0.172 degrees. 0.5 degrees center special anti-interference design, avoid mishandling. Adopts the double injection molding process, with the soft part on the top and hard on the bottom.

Three-axis Gyro

Three-axis Gyro: Bluetooth joystick features a triaxial gyroscope from the leading international brand of Bosch G Sensor response is to accelerate the reaction of the three axes. After an accurate and simple settings, you can realistically manage in the direction of 360 degrees with no dead zones.

Location Buttons

Phillips button and ball joysticks are positioned so that when you change the buttons during the game, you not to touch others. Beyond accurate positioning of the swivel arms 360 -gradusov provide accurate electronics.

Ergonomic Buttons Design

The curved contours of modern design have developed in such a way that the stick itself lies in the hands and you do not need to exert a lot of effort, so it does not slip out of hands.

Functional Keys

A / B / X / Y direction key adopts mirror polishing technology, with nice appearance.

Wireless Control

Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission function with up to 10 meters operations range.

Smart Energy Saving

The joystick is optimized for Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission technology. The device gives a super-fast response and no delays with very low power consumption.

Easy Operation

Simple plug-and-play design for the awesome gaming experience.


Name Bluetooth Gamepad
Functions Bluetooth, gravity sensor, vibration
Bluetooth Version V3.0
Compatible with Mi TV, Mi TV Box, Mi tablet PC, Mi smartphone
Working Time 80hrs (when turn off the motor), 4hrs (when turn on the motor)
Working Distance About 10m
G-sensor 3-axis
Working Temperature 0 - 40°C
Storage Temperature -10 - 50°C
Working Current ≤300mA
Standby Current ≤200mA
Battery 2 x AA battery (not included)
Product Weight 220g
Product Size 156L x 104W x 65H mm
Package Content 1 x Bluetooth Gamepad

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SKU WP1020390402116
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