Cats are fussy creatures that like their home space to be just so, any cat owner will understand that each animal has their own unique and distinct personality. Though cats have a reputation for being extremely low maintenance pets, they still need a lot of care, especially if your furry friend happens to be on the fussier side of life. Cats love the high life, often you will find them sitting on top of a bookshelf or even sometimes perched on your backyard fence.

What need to Buy?

Cater to this by purchasing your cat a window mounted hammock so that they can get a view of the outdoors and sit as high as they like and once they get bored, simply change the hammock to another window. Zapals offers a range of single and double hammocks for pet owners with single or multi-cat households. Often cat owners are confused when their cat doesn’t enthusiastically run after a ball or scurry after a stuffed mouse, this is because cats are natural hunters, and their play style mimics this exactly. Instead of purchasing your cat toys that are stationary, invest in a laser pointer or interactive wand toy like the ones offered in our cat department. This way your cat can pounce to its heart’s content. Bedding for cats may seem quite self-explanatory, simply place an animal cushion on the floor and you’re good to go, but when this happens you will usually find that your cat is sleeping under your bed or hidden amongst some laundry. This is because cats love to sleep in closed in places that are dark, quiet and make them feel safe. Shop the Zapals selection of cat tunnels and cat cubbies to make sure your furry friend gets a good night’s sleep.



Dogs are often described as man’s best friend and there is good reason for it, they make loyal, loving and fun pets. Whilst dogs have easy-going temperaments they are not necessarily low maintenance, they require grooming, nail trimming and obedience training, especially with their toilet habits.

What need to Buy?

Zapals carries a selection of electric and manual nail clippers to keep your dogs paws well maintained safely and painlessly. For dogs that have longer fur or dogs that shed, de-shedding brushes are a great option to reduce excess hair we carry well-known brands such as Furminator or generic combs that de-matt and de-shed your dog. Dogs are known for being obedient to their owners and family; however, this does not come without training. Zapals stocks both stainless training whistles as well as plastic clickers to safely train your dog. Another aspect of this training process is your dog’s toilet habits, whilst they are still in the training phase accidents may happen before your dogs knows to go outside, so use our range of absorbent training mats for inside your home to train your dog to control their bathroom habits. Playing with your dog is a rewarding experience that can be as active or sedentary for you as you like. Zapals offers a range of dog toys that will keep you and your dog entertained for hours. For active dogs that love to run around, toys such as our Frisbees and large tennis balls are ideal as your dog can tire itself out without you having to get tired out in the process. If you want to be just as active as your dog browse our selection of dog harnesses and strap yourselves in for a walk but make sure to browse our range of dog clothing to keep your dog warm in colder climates!

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