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Remote Controlled Toys

Drones are one of the most popular remote controlled gadgets for consumers at the moment but because there are so many different models and features it can be hard making the right choice.

What you need to buy?

. We’ve broken down the different drones and other remote controlled gadgets that we offer to make your decision-making process much easier. At Zapals, we offer a wide selection of drone models and features to suit everyone user, from inexperienced to advanced. One of the more affordable and basic options that we have for sale online are the JJRC H20 Hexacopter and the CX023 Mini Drone models. These models are recommended for beginners as they are smaller, more affordable and do not feature too many functions. This way, a novice user can become accustomed to the movement and function of a drone, without the worry of damaging an expensive device. These models offer features such as LED lights, rechargeable batteries and the Hexacopter has a ‘return to user’ function which allows the device to return to the remote at the touch of a button with no further manoeuvring. For more experienced users who are looking for larger, more technically advanced drones, we also have a range of mid to high price range options based on your budget, needs and experience. The mid range options for individuals who are more confident but are not ready to make a large investment include popular models such as the DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter with camera or the Hubsan H107D. Both of these models are in the middle price range but offer more features such as HD cameras, LCD display remotes, 360 degree rolling and headless mode.

Zapals also offers a selection of high price range drones that offer the most advanced drone technology for experienced users that wish to make long term investments. These models include the DJI Phantom 4 Tap to Fly and the DJI Inspire 1 Professional Photography Drone. Both of these models contain features such as touch screen remotes, sensors to avoid collision, sport mode, extended flight time and 1080mp cameras. Browse through the toys and hobbies department to find the right drone for you.

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Holiday and Party Supplies Buying Guide

Parties and holidays are supposed to be times of celebration and happiness, but this is often not the case as being a host leads to stress, late nights and early mornings. There are endless to-do lists, errands and shops to visit. Make your holiday season or party much easier by shopping through the Zapals selection of cheap holiday supplies and cheap party supplies.

What You Need to Buy?

Instead of visiting a number of stores, simply click online and your purchase will be delivered to you, no stress, no hassle and no running around! Having the perfect party all comes down to the atmosphere. If you have that mastered then food will be the last thing on your guests’ minds. Set the ambience for your event with the right decoration, this can be anything from your colour scheme, table settings or maybe even your party theme. If you want to set a vibrant, fun atmosphere at your event, LED party lights or laser projector lights are the most cost efficient way to do this. Simply turn them on in a darkly lit room and your guests will be transported to a chic bar and the best part is that they can be used again for your next event.

Lighting can also be used to create a calm, relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere for your party. Zapals has a selection of softly lit fairly lights for any occasion or holiday season to add a subtle luminosity to an outdoor or indoor setting. Our range of fairy lights includes Christmas or winter style snowflakes, pumpkin style Halloween and simply designed white lights for any occasion. Not only can our themed lights be used for specific holidays, but they can also be repurposed for any themed events your may have in the future!

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Outdoor Toys Buying Guide

When thinking about toys and entertainment, it is easy to forget the outdoor area but outdoor toys and structures and the perfect way to enjoy time with family and friends for a party or just because the weather is great. Zapals has a wide range of cheap outdoor toys and cheap outdoor structures to suit any size backyard and budget for kids and adults.

What You Need to Buy?

For homes with pools or access to a pool, we have a selection of inflatable toys for children of all ages to use. Our inflatable toys are offered in a selection of colours, designs and sizes. For younger children we recommend smaller inflatable such as the Baby Swim Seat or the Bestway Inflatable Raft as they offer more stability and support for children who do not know how to swim. Keeping young children safe in pools is often a main concern for parents, to ease some of your worry, protect your child with inflatable arm bands. These armbands ensure that they will always be able to float to the top of the water.

For especially nervous children, we also offer inflatable vests, to provide even more flotation for your child. Zapals also offers a range of inflatables for adults, with space to recline and relax. These products include our selection of rafts, the Inflatable Rainbow Unicorn and the Gigantic Chocolate Donut Inflatable. Outdoor toys are not just limited to pool accessories but also pools themselves. Zapals range of outdoor structures includes inflatable pools for the whole family to enjoy. These structures are a great option for smaller backyards or for families that are not sure if they want to make the investment into a permanent backyard pool. We also offer a selection of outdoor trampolines for individual or family use. Smaller trampolines are better suited for exercise purposes whilst our larger sizes are great for the whole family.

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