Electric Shock Lie Detector Polygraph Toy Adult Game

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This Electric Shock Lie Detector will help you find the truth and along with it some punishments with every fib tellers.

A cheaper and quicker way of getting the facts with the Electric Shock Lie Detector.

Electric Shock Lie Detector Polygraph Toy Adult Game

  • This Shock Lie Detector can help to see through the white lies between kids and parents, friends, colleagues and lovers.
  • Place your hand onto the hand plate of the shocking liar.
  • If you tell the truth, you can move away from it safely and otherwise you will receive an electric shock.
  • Fit for ages above 14 years old.


Name Shock Lie Detector
Color White
Material Plastic
Battery 3 x AAA Battery (Not Included)
Product Size 16 x 16 x 8.5cm
Product Weight 255g
Package Included 1 x Shock Lie Detector
1 x User Manual


  • Because there is certain shock effect, people who have hear illness and epilepsy as well as similar diseases are not suitable for playing this game.


  • First of all, put your right hand on the finger slot, make sure to direct contact to the finger sensor, tied hand by belt.
  • Press the reset button, keep your fingers still, please do not move, then press the "analyzer" button, the machine will read your data. Lie detector light will subsequently start, you will hear the machine "data read complete" sound. At this moment, your data has been input to lie detector, so start the questions.
  • Remember: After each question you must click "analyzer" button. Lie detector will measure you lie or not, and the lie level. If you lie, the LED indicator will show the extent of lying. There’re total of five lights, 3 green, 2 red. They will follow the test and turn on, you lie greater the light are on more. If you lie or give an unacceptable answer, or distorted the facts, then all the lights will turn on, then you will be punished by electric shock.
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