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Women Clothes Buying Guide

With our huge range of clothing in the Zapals women’s department, the choices can be overwhelming. What is the right dress for a cocktail party? How do you pair a skirt and blouse for dinner with friends? A common question that we hear regarding dress codes is “what do I wear for ___ event?” so will break down the most common dress codes and show you how all your clothing needs are in just one place!

Cocktail Buying Guide

Perhaps one of the most confusing dress codes is cocktail attire. This is because whilst there are clothing restrictions, they can be interpreted quite differently. The key rules to remember when dress for a cocktail party is that dresses above the knee are acceptable, however, they should not rise above mid thigh. It is a common misconception that the cocktail dress code only encompasses cocktail dresses, but this is far from this truth. A chic pant suit with interesting details is also another excellent option for women that prefer not to wear dresses, however, keep in mind that this does not include your work wear, the pant suit should have details that elevate it from traditional Monday to Friday attire.

Smart Casual Buying Guide

The smart casual dress code is perhaps one of the most flexible dress code for events, however it does require some thought and consideration to detail. Although the dress code is flexible in terms of what clothing is and is not acceptable, there must be a degree of polish to the final outfit. Polish can be added to an outfit in a number of ways, either through a collared blouse or an elegant pair of trousers. For people that are still confused about the smart casual dress code, a fail-safe option is an unstructured skirt with a simple blouse or sweater and a low heel. If the weather is cool then a blazer or embellished cardigan are perfectly acceptable options for outerwear.

Casual Buying Guide

Whenever a dress code is classified as casual, it is easy to simply choose the first outfit that comes to mind, but casual does not have to be sloppy or boring. It is easy to elevate a casual outfit to stand out and still make you feel like you have taken the time and thought into putting together your ensemble. Ensure that you select casual pieces that are tailored to fit your frame, something as simple as the right cut for your shape will instantly sharpen your look. Another way to follow the casual dress code but look chic is to pair formal and casual clothing together – think jeans with a structured blazer.

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Women Shoes Buying Guide

Shoes have as much influence on the overall appearance of an outfit as the clothing itself, this is because not only can they complement your overall look but the way you walk in your shoes can immediately heighten or drag down how chic you look. Because of this, make sure that you are selecting shoes that are not only appropriate for the dress code but also appropriate for the weather, location and your personal comfort levels.

What You Need to Buy?

As mentioned before, when buying shoes for an event, it is important to think of where your location will be. For example, if you have an event where there will be grass, mud, sand or uneven ground, it is best to avoid high heels as this could not only cause you to be uncomfortable the entire day but wobbling around in your shoes is not a good look. Instead opt for flat sandals or a low kitten heel if the dress code is cocktail or smart casual.

On the other hand, if your event is a dinner or you know that there will be limited option, high heels are the perfect way to elongate your legs and add flair to any ensemble. For women who like the height of heels but struggle with the pain, a thicker heel or wedge is perfect as it provides your feet with more support but still slims the legs and provides the extra height that is desired.

For active ladies who enjoy sports or walking, Zapals also has a wide range of casual sneakers and athletic shoes that provide comfort and support for whatever challenges you decide to tackle. When purchasing athletic shoes and sneakers, always make sure that you purchase the correct size to avoid pain or injury during wear.

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Women Accessories Buying Guide

Accessories can easily become an after thought this is because the thought of choosing the right clothes and shoes can be so overwhelming that something that is seemingly as simple as accessories does not get a second thought. Though this may be partly true, accessories should have as much consideration as any other element of a total ensemble.

What You Need to Buy?

In the warmer months of summer and spring one of the most critical accessories to consider when putting together any outfit, for any event, especially during the day are sunglasses. This is not only because sunglasses are able to add an element of chic to any outfit but they are critical to prevent aging. Sunglasses shield your eyes and face from the sun, first preventing age spots but they are a simple and easy way to prevent the dread wrinkles that occur from squinting. Zapals has a large range of sunglasses that suit any event or outfit, such our selection of polarized aviator styles that are ideal for more casual occasions, whilst oversized tortoiseshell or black frames are better suited for smart casual or cocktail events that are held during the day.

While sunglasses are the accessory staple of the warmer months, scarves are the accessory staple of the colder months of winter and autumn. Yes, this is because scarves help provide warmth which is important to prevent falling ill, but a well selected scarf can completely change any outfit. For example, if you are looking to dress down an outfit, a large, chunky knit or oversized scarf wrapped around your neck is the perfect way to do so. This is because they add a certain element of ruggedness, especially when wrapped loosely and nonchalantly. On the other hand, a smaller, silk scarf can instantly lift a casual outfit to something more chic and smart if it is correctly tied around the neck.

Women Products Buying Guide

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